Waivering Lies – Book 2, Brainwaiver Series

Max: Macchio AKA Max Arpaio is a Freelance Information Systems Security Analyst and part time Bounty Hunter on occasion. When Max responded to Enoch Sampson’s call for help to find his missing son he realized something crucial. The top government secrets and plots he’d stumbled upon long ago are no longer a shadow on the horizon. And Now that Denise Ferry has taken up the gauntlet to wage a silent war against Brainwaiver, Max has to make a choice: To help the woman he loves but can never have or stand aside and watch as millions are led like sheep to a slaughter. Either way, he’s a dead man. It’s only a question of when.

Balboa: "Man up and Fight like a Girl!" The motto Denise Ferry lived, ate and breathed from the day she lost her brother in a drive-by. She was now a Business Consultant, former FBI agent and a severe pain in Macchio’s rear. Having been a gang member lieutenant, military strategist then government agent, she could write a book on espionage and silent war strategies. So when Denise engages in a search and retrieve mission that targeted children for mind control experimentation, she’s in for the long haul to wage war. However, she hadn’t counted on warring on two fronts: Against the advances of Brainwaiver and to win the heart of Max Arpaio. A man of mystery with a sense of doom, Max draws Denise despite her efforts to fight the attraction. Can she help him overcome his dark past? As a strategist she realizes she has no choice. Without him taking her back against Brainwaiver, she’s already lost the war before she starts. And without him in her life she’s already lost her heart.

Chantay M. James

About Chantay M. James (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Chantay M. James

Chantay James, winner of the Praize writing contest in 2005 published her very first novel and has been writing ever since. A jack of many trades centered around educating and assisting children - she has also served in many areas of ministry. Combining her passions of serving Christ and writing, Chantay strives to help others fulfill their potential. A devoted mother of one, she lives in St. Louis, Missouri. She loves a good romance, a good laugh... and cartoons.