View From the Middle of the Road II – U.S. in US

View From the Middle of the Road II
63 Pages
P.R.A. Publishing
ISBN 978-0972770361

View from the middle of the road-volume II U.S. in Us is a compilation of African American poetic voices.

Toni Quest is a painter, radio talk show host and adjunct professor at New Rochelle College, Robert Ward is also an educator, Makal Ani is a poet and Lucinda Clark is a publisher and poet. Each represent different regions of the East Coast of the U.S. The poetry is powerful because it deals with all things that make up the good and bad of life.

Lucinda J Clark

About Lucinda J Clark (Columbia County, Georgia Author)

Lucinda J Clark

Lucinda Clark has published four titles in collaboration with authors and poets from around the world. She is the founder of P.R.A. Publishing which she started in 2002. Her series is titled View From the Middle of the Road, which she started with her children when they were in grade school. Both are now college graduates. She spun another poet series Poetry Diversified which publishes work of winner of an annual poetry lit prize.

Clark is passionate about the written and spoken word. She joined as an Hometown Reads Ambassador in 2017.

For more on Clark visit her titles on J. Clark

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