Valley Road – Uplifting Stories from Down South

Newspaper articles live a regrettably short life, unless they are sealed behind glass and hung on bedroom walls. They remain in mint condition for one day, and that is often it. They are read at the kitchen table, crumpled and thrown in the trash. They are pressed into cardboard boxes, to help people move household items. They are rolled tight, to frighten dogs into good behavior. They are tossed into campfires, fireplaces and even litter boxes. They turn yellow in coin boxes and on newsstands, unread. The articles are quickly forgotten.

In Valley Road, author Gary Lloyd lauds the inspiring people he encountered as a journalist, reveals heartening stories of family and friends, and describes the beauty and simplicity of the American South. In doing so, these uplifting stories always have somewhere to live on, and never be forgotten.

Gary Lloyd

About Gary Lloyd (Birmingham, Alabama Author)

Gary Lloyd

Gary Lloyd has been a reporter and editor at newspapers and magazines in Mississippi and Alabama. He grew up in Trussville, Alabama, and earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from The University of Alabama in 2009.

He is the author of six books:

-Trussville, Alabama: A Brief History (2014) -Deep Green (2016) -Heart of the Plate (2016) -Valley Road: Uplifting Stories from Down South (2017) -Ray of Hope (2018) -Sonny Days: Struggles, Scenery and Solace with the World's Strangest Shelter Dog (2020)

He lives in Trussville, Alabama, with his wife, Jessica, and their two dogs, Abby and Sonny.