Vacation from Hell – Story of Jeannetta & Dee

Vacation from Hell
322 Pages
ISBN 978-1500313630

Have you ever vacationed with a friend, only to realize that you have to babysit her, as she seems incapable of following instructions, and expects you to take care of her? Does this make your vacation miserable? Then you will love this novel. Jeannetta is offered a free vacation from Dee; Jeannetta has a difficult time getting Dee to the airport on time, as she is hung over from the night before; Dee is missing; Jeannetta decides to finish her vacation by herself.


•Speaking of, we need to get you drunk, bitch! After all, we gotta ship to catch. Might as well catch it in style.” •The two girls had spent the entire weekend in the drunk-tank. •“If I drink that,” she started, pointing in the direction of the bottle of rubbing alcohol, “will I get like, super drunk super fast?” she asked with a light smile crossing her face. •“If that’s the best you’ve got, I would kill for footage of you in an interrogation room,” said Clive. •But if I had to work here forever, I think I might kill myself,” he replied. •I just wanted to make sure you didn’t get yourself in serious trouble, or even get yourself killed. •Jeannetta shuddered to think what could happen to her now that Dee was roaming around a foreign country with no sense of direction. And even worse, what would happen to the foreign country? •But she was a Type-A girl with neat-freak tendencies, so instead she found it disgusting.

Justice warns that you should be cautious of who you vacation with..

Justice Gray

About Justice Gray (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Justice Gray

Justice Gray is a Midwestern who loves watching people. She seems to attract people who don’t have much of a future, and end up in circle of life—or what goes around comes around type of world. She loves interacting with these people, as it gives her more story material.

There are ten books in the series, The Garbage Collector Series.

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