Up To No Good

Up To No Good
349 Pages
ISBN 9780692884775

Someone in the neighborhood is making porn videos in their home? Busybody Rachel Sanders has got it in her head that because the shades are always closed, something unsavory is going on inside a house down the street. Hey, it’s not just the shades. There are never garbage cans at the curb, or a hose dragged out and left for days. She’s decided no one really lives in the house, they just slip in at night to make their adult films. Determined to get to the bottom of the mystery, Rachel ropes her husband Brian into sneaking over one night to catch the culprits in the act. The only reason hubby goes along is that he might get a peep at the show for free. What they discover leads to hilarious blunders, botched stakeouts, and their own little sex act in the front seat of her Mini Cooper. What these two don’t bargain for is an angry criminal who decides to fight back.

Marsha Cornelius

About Marsha Cornelius (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Marsha Cornelius

In 2016, Cornelius organized a monthly literary event called A Novel Idea. She invites five authors to read excerpts to guests at local restaurants in Canton and Alpharetta, Georgia. When she's not spotlighting other authors, she writes. Her novels include:

H10N1 - A thriller about the survivors of a flu pandemic gone awry.

The Ups and Downs of Being Dead - A man has his body cryonically-frozen rather than face death.

Losing It All - A homeless man helps a mother and two children get off the streets.

Habits Kick Back - A college girl stops taking pills that control her weight, help her concentrate, keep her awake, improve her mood, and even suppress her sexual appetite.

A Tale of Moral Corruption - Where women rule and men know their place.

Up To No Good - a busybody suspects her neighbors are making porn videos at home.

Into the Pond - sequel to Up To No Good. Busybody looks into how a woman drowns.