Turn – Book One of the Humanity's Edge Trilogy

294 Pages
ISBN 978-1940740171

There're killers on the road & they're hungry

Clay Dobbs has a perfect life coupled with an unparalleled job: Long-time sheriff of Carterville, and loyal husband of 19 years. Everything changes though when an egomaniacal military man storms in, barking orders for evacuation. The Sheriff is tasked with maintaining peace in his utopian town, rounding up reluctant expatriates, and for killing the Crazed.

Into this world, he's thrown with no lifeline to speak of. In the end, will he make it out the same man he was before, or will he be Turned?

Paul B Kohler

About Paul B Kohler (Denver, Colorado Author)

Paul B Kohler

Paul B Kohler is the author of the highly acclaimed novel Linear Shift, and the remarkable novel series, The Borrowed Souls. Aside from his longer works, a number of his short stories have been included in various anthologies. His latest short, Rememorations, has been included in The Immortality Chronicles - a Top 5 SF Anthology and Hot New Releases. Rememorations was also nominated for Best American Science Fiction.

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