Told from the Hips / Cuentos encaderados – A Bilingual Collection

Told from the Hips / Cuentos encaderados
190 Pages
ISBN 978-1981336685

"Told From The Hips = Cuentos encaderados" is a Spanish/English bilingual collection of short stories that feature strong women. Their solid “hips” help them endure and overcome a variety of physical and emotional challenges. These women come from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. Their stories are inscribed upon their skin with sweat and blood, turning their bodies into the pages narrating their lives. “Amosson’s short story collection gives its readers a break from the fairy tales and views the lives of its characters from a place of resourcefulness, resilience, and self-awareness--all with a particular Latin American cultural perspective.“—The Dallas Observer

Andrea Amosson

About Andrea Amosson (Dallas, Texas Author)

Andrea Amosson

ANDREA MALUENDA AMOSSON is a multi-award winning author originally from Chile. She writes novels and short stories with female Latino protagonists. She is involved in community projects to promote literacy and reading among the Spanish speaking community. Andrea is the author of 2 novels, 2 short stories collections and 1 bilingual collection.

Her novels and short stories have been awarded in literary contests from Spain, Colombia, and the USA. Amosson teaches the only Creative Writing Workshop in Spanish in the Dallas area since 2013. She is married and the mother of two boys.

Her most notable awards: 1st place International Latino Book Awards ("Las Lunas de Atacama", USA, 2017); 2nd place International Latino Book Awards ("Cuentos encaderados", USA, 2016); 1st place People's Choice Hispanic Heritage Literature Organization ("Maria Kawésqar", USA, 2015).