Together Forever – 25 Lessons to Happily Ever After

Together Forever
125 Pages
ISBN 9781977081896

“Lord, give me a boyfriend, pleeeeease….”

When all my friends were already into relationships, I begged God for a boyfriend! It took years of waiting, or so I felt. I did not realize that “waiting” was all part of God’s plan.

When my God's gift finally came, we tied the knot! And we lived "happily ever after!" NOT.

Instead, we debated, wrestled, walked on thin ice, and fell into deadly silence. It was crazzzzzzy.

"Lord, please bless us with love to last a lifetime," I prayed. And God sent me 16 couples with lessons to guide the way.

Together Forever is about every couples’ vision of “happily ever after." A vision that will only be possible with God at the center of the relationship.

May this book inspire, bond, create more joy, and bless the lives of many married couples at the early or middle stages of their relationships, now and for always.

Maria Gemma Hilotin

About Maria Gemma Hilotin (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Maria Gemma Hilotin

Maria Gemma Defeo Hilotin came to the USA from the Philippines in September 2007. She started as a special education teacher and moved her way up to become an IEP facilitator/writer. Currently, she works as an education administrator and project director for a federal grant.

She is a Cum Laude graduate with a Bachelor's in Secondary Education major in Computer Technology at the University of Santo Tomas and a Master's in Science Teaching in New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro, New Mexico.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has led her to join and build businesses on top of her full-time job, master’s studies, blogging, and active participation with Couples For Christ (CFC) in New Mexico.

She is a miracle-believer, life-long learner, a blogger, and a “dreams-do-come-true” advocate.

Currently, she has written two books: Believe It to See It: Dreams Do Come True and Together Forever: 25 Lessons to Happily Ever After.

Please check out her website at

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