This Dark Road – Chains

This Dark Road
114 Pages

A new chapter in the Zania Corthinn series begins!

Zania and Kahri’s children are young adults now, making their own way as traveling healers and teachers. Arathel loves her work and the freedom of her life. When Sharrec Fehr saves her from a would-be kidnapper, Arathel is intrigued by the mystery of the man’s past. And when he asks to join Arathel and her brother Radjann in their travels, she remembers her mother’s advice: Sometimes help can be found in unexpected places. Even sooner than she expects, Arathel finds herself needing Fehr’s help. Can she depend on a stranger, a man compelled by a mysterious binding, to guide and protect her as she starts down a dark road?

Trina L. Talma

About Trina L. Talma (Fargo, North Dakota Author)

Trina L. Talma

Born and raised in western Minnesota, Trina L. Talma has been writing for much of her life, with a concentration on fantasy and speculative fiction. She published her first novel in the pages of her high school's newspaper, the Green Crest, during her senior year.

Now living in eastern North Dakota, she utterly fails to fathom the appeal of the movie Fargo. To date, she has published seven novels and a short-story collection. Her hobbies include voracious reading, blogging, creating jewelry, squirrel-watching, seeking out brilliant new music, playing "The Sims" and vicariously stalking a wide variety of celebrities.

As the mother of two children and five cats, she aspires to be "mad, bad and dangerous to know," but would settle for the ability to afford part-time maid service. Currently she is probably in need of a haircut and some dark chocolate.