Them Damned Church Folks – It's Tme to Get Real

Them Damned Church Folks
67 Pages
self published

Have you ever sat in church and watched people run around the church, shout “preach it pastor, praise the Lord” and then curse the lady out in the church parking lot because they took their parking space? That’s THEM DAMNED CHURCH FOLKS! Today’s church has taken a turn for the worse and more people are running from the church than into the church because of them damned church folks! This book is designed to reach those who have been pushed back into the streets because of church hurt. This book is for those who won’t come to church because of those church folks, this book is for you. It will make you laugh, cry, and take a look in the mirror to make sure you are not one of those DAMNED CHURCH FOLKS!

Tamara Beard

About Tamara Beard (Columbia County, Georgia Author)

Tamara Beard

Tamara N. Beard is a wife of 19 years, and the mother of three beautiful children. She is a former gospel radio personality on Gospel Alive 1550a.m./ 96.9f.m. and a former educator of twelve years in Richmond County. She is founder and CEO of Dancers for Christ International dance ministry that travels around the world spreading the word of God through the art of praise dancing and dramatic interpretation. Tamara is also a spoken word artist and when she is not ministering the spoken word (poetry) she volunteers at her children’s school.