Theep and Thorpe – Adventures in Space

Theep and Thorpe
160 Pages
ISBN 9781530107193

It’s the year 2160. Fourteen year old Jonathon Curtis lives on Planet Earth until he breaks the law and is sent to Juvenile Space Camp on Planet Staruus. The planet houses troubled kids from an overpopulated Earth and is thought to be uninhabited, but is it?

Theep and Thorpe are enlightened Staruians who are invisible to most humans. They establish telepathic communication with Jonathon because he needs their guidance to gain control of his gift—the power of manifestation. It was misuse of his power and his show-off tendencies that got him there in the first place!

Hazel is a thirteen year old girl at the camp who becomes friends with Jonathon. She has incredible talent for telepathy and wisdom beyond her years. Jonathon and Hazel discover it’s up to them and their friends at Space Camp to rescue kidnapped teens being held on the planet against their will. They enlist the aid of Theep and Thorpe to accomplish their mission.

Jonathon gets caught up in one adventure after another. Like it or not, he’s forced to team up with a bully and confront those who wish to harm him. Will these experiences teach him to harness the power of his thoughts to accomplish his goals? Will he and his friends free the teens in distress or will they end up as captives instead?

Lillian Nader

About Lillian Nader (Orange County, California Author)

Lillian Nader

Lillian Nader, M.Ed., is a resident of Orange County, California, where she enjoys outdoor walks in the beautiful parks and beaches of her area. For mental stimulation she reads a variety of books, writes for fun and profit, and participates in various groups and organizations for writers/editors.

She is an author, copyeditor, and educator. Her sci-fi novel for young readers, Theep and Thorpe: Adventures in Space, is available at Previous books are educational workbooks on cooperative learning in the classroom. She is currently writing a new book about time travel and a musical stage play called Pandora.

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