The Third Knife – A tale of vengeance and passion in the French Resistance

The Third Knife
273 Pages
ISBN ISBN-13:978-0692549087

Trust into the world of sabotage and guerrilla warfare in World War II France, young patriots challenge Nazi Germany, the most savage war machine of the 20th century. These brave members of the French Resistance risk everything rather than live under the brutal rule of Hitler's Reich.

In The Third Knife, Catalina and Edouard lead the Falicon Maquis, a small Resistance band, from a hideout in the mountains above Nice. Under constant threat of capture and Gestapo torture, they fight back--often only steps ahead of Nazi pursuers.

Pamela B. Eglinski

About Pamela B. Eglinski (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Pamela B. Eglinski

Pamela Boles Eglinski was born in San Francisco and raised on the Peninsula. She holds a Master's degree in Asian Art History from the University of Kansas, and two masters degrees from Colorado State University. She has taught in four universities, and was a fundraiser for numerous non-profits.

Pamela is the author of three novels in the Catalina and Bonhomme International Spy Series. The Third Knife is the prequel to Return of the French Blue and She Rides with Genghis Khan.

The Third Knife is a tale of espionage and heroism in the French Resistance. Return of the French Blue features the children of characters in The Third Knife, who take on the dark world of global terrorism. She Rides with Genghis Khan takes readers across the ancient Silk Road in search of a Buddhist wish full-filling jewel. It concludes in Mongolia with a fantastic and spirited ride with the great Khan himself!

Code Name: Purple Fire is Eglinski's first novella in a Special Ops series. All of her books feature strong female characters who are quick with guns and knives and can hold their place with any man. She is currently working on a time travel novella which will take readers back to Paris during the Belle Epoque.