The Sweetness and the Pits – Remembrances of a Georgia Peach

The Sweetness and the Pits
268 Pages
ISBN 978-0692495483

A true Atlanta native with ancestors who traveled across the Atlantic on a ship with Georgia’s founder James Oglethorpe, Lynne Barfield Byrd is as southern as they come. Born in a hospital on Peachtree Street, she’s lived in Morningside, Virginia Highlands, Sandy Springs, and Doraville before making Dunwoody her home for the last 43 years. After graduating from Grady High, she attended the University of Georgia, Georgia Perimeter College, and Georgia State University.

Being a Georgia Peach is an honor and a privilege she holds dear, but beyond birthright, it’s a state of mind and an attitude. Oh, there’s the peachy stuff for sure, but just inside the sweetest fruit is the pit, something to gnaw around and toss back to the red clay. Both the sweetness and the pits are just a part of life.

In the spirit of her love for historic preservation, share in Lynne’s remembrances of both the times of music, social gatherings, and family, as well as those times that the rug comes up to uncover all the stuff that’s been swept under it. Laid bare in her book, it’s all there and neatly out of the way, opening up the clean, polished floor for a little dancing, something sure to bless your heart!

Lynne Barfield Byrd

About Lynne Barfield Byrd (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Lynne Barfield Byrd

Lynne Barfield Byrd is an Atlanta Native, and has spent her whole life in Atlanta. She went to Morningside School in the Virginia Highlands area, Grady High School, and has four different degrees, two from GSU in Dunwoody, Ga. (English and Science), a B.A. in Anthropology from GSU in downtown Atlanta, and a Master's in Heritage Preservation.

Being a Georgia Peach is an honor and a privilege that she holds dear, and considers it a state of mind and an attitude. She has used her Master's in Historic Preservation to place three historic homes in Dunwoody on the National Registry of Historic Homes.

Her other major interest is getting the word out to senior citizens about returning to school. She has written "It's Never Too Late to Graduate, "The Sweetness and the Pits" (Remembrances of a Georgia Peach", and was co-author with Joyce Amacher on "The Story of Dunwoody," 1975-2001, part of the larger version of "The Story of Dunwoody,: 1821-2001

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