The Silenced Shooter

The Silenced Shooter
382 Pages
Christen Haus Publishing
ISBN 978-1943509126

Tired of federal gridlock?

Can you trust the federal government anymore?

Do the "elites" in Washington have an agenda?

One with our best interests at heart?

Is it time to "Take Back America?"

Lynch Cully has found that recovering his memory might be the easy part of "coming back from the dead."

His job is gone.

His “love life” is on the rocks.

He’s anxious to leave the hospital and get on with life, particularly when he hears the 9-1-1 Code 1000 call—all available units respond—to a shooting at a private Christian school. Automatic gunfire reported.

Bradley Graham, the keynote speaker at the American Patriot Conservative Caucus, has sent a shock-wave through the political "circus" in this country: the announcement of a new political party, the American Party, with a record number of both grass roots membership and fund raising.

The mainstream political world takes notice . . . and tattoos a target on his forehead.

Has God turned His back on America?

Can the American Party begin to re-chart the course of society back toward our God-given rights that so many Americans have fought and died to preserve?

Braxton DeGarmo, MD

About Braxton DeGarmo, MD (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Braxton DeGarmo, MD

Braxton DeGarmo spent over 30 years in Emergency and Family Medicine, both in and out of the military, before retiring to focus on writing in 2014. Many of the incidents in his books are based on real occurrences, people, and experiences in his own life, such as learning to escape a water crash in a helicopter. And the technologies described in his books are all current... and possible.

Fortunately, he did not pull the events of the main plots from his personal life, although they are issues that affect us all. Human trafficking, medical kidnapping, the insanity of Washington, DC, and other injustices have become the premises used for his stories.

He writes from a Judeo-Christian worldview, but he writes his stories to reach and entertain people of all backgrounds. His books have made it onto Amazon Bestsellers Lists in four countries. His acclaimed MedAir Series is based in and around St. Louis.