The Scandalous Lives of Carolina Belles Marie Boozer and Amelia Feaster: Flirting with the Enemy

In Civil War Columbia, South Carolina, no women were more gossiped about than Amelia Feaster and her teenage daughter, Marie Boozer. The Philadelphia-born Feaster, a widow three times before her thirty-first birthday, aided the Union war effort from her home, while Marie became infamous for her beauty and vanity. For over a century, scandalous tales of these women have been published across the nation, linking them to rich and powerful men both at home and abroad. Historian Tom Elmore sorts through the many myths and legends--involving such things as adultery, decapitation and the Russian tsar's jewels--about Feaster and Boozer to present the first fact-based biography of these two nineteenth-century tabloid queens.

Tom Elmore

About Tom Elmore (Columbia, South Carolina Author)

Tom Elmore

Historian Tom Elmore grew up in Columbia, S.C. where he heard numerous tales and legends about life in the city during the Civil War.

Elmore holds a B.A. in History and Political Science from the University of South Carolina. He is the author of numerous articles in regional and national publications and has lectured all across the Mid-Atlantic States. In addition, Elmore is a book reviewer for Blue & Gray Magazine and The Civil War News. He lives in Columbia with his wife Krys and their Chihuahua Sassy.