The Rejects of Room 5

The Rejects of Room 5
234 Pages
ISBN 978-1-387-59150-3

They had no idea how much their lives would change...

Emma Swann has it all, or so everyone thinks. The perfect family, money, popularity - what could go wrong? Apparently everything.

Veronica Bennett hates school. She hates pretty much everything. Including the blonde rich girl and nerd she suddenly can't get rid of.

Wallace keeps to himself as much as possible. He's pretty happy with life until he uncovers a secret that could destroy his family.

Three teenagers struggle to find solid footing while navigating their individual lives. Add in a school project where they are forced to work together, while despising each other and life gets interesting fast.

As Emma, Veronica, and Wallace attempt to work as a team, they find that sometimes help comes from unexpected places...and that judging too harshly without knowing the facts can have devastating consequences.

Deborah Reed

About Deborah Reed (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Deborah Reed

Deborah wrote her first novel as a teenager. After letting it sit in a drawer for almost 20 years, her sister encouraged her to dig it out and re-write it with a bit more adult perspective. That one project has developed into several novels over two main genres: Inspirational Young Adult and Action/Suspense.

Deborah's action/suspense books are filled with action, mystery, adventure, a bit of romance, and enough excitement to grab the reader from the first page to the last. She writes in a style that won't embarrass her mother but doesn't shy away from the gritty reality of the worlds she creates. Deborah's inspirational young adult novels are based on challenges children and adults alike face every day, and her characters touch the hearts of readers even after the last page has been turned. Deborah's hope is that the message her novels contain will help and encourage those who read them.

Deborah lives in West Michigan with her husband and two children. She is an accomplished pianist and is active in the music ministry at church. She also enjoys running and photography. Recently, Deborah had the opportunity to participate in Johnathan Rand's Author Quest camp as an instructor. She fell in love with the haven of encouragement Author Quest gives young writers. To find out more about Author Quest, click here: