The Reformation of America

The Reformation of America
162 Pages
ISBN 1607087006

To reform a nation, you need to know what makes a nation truly great. Understanding America’s beginnings creates a pathway forward for all nations. From America’s first President, to the birth of capitalism, to the shaping of its institutions, Karla Perry shows the reader what makes nations flourish.

“Karla has important insights into some of the critical issues of our times. She has the ability to articulate them in an interesting and engaging way that is also practical.” Rick Joyner, Founder and President, MorningStar Ministries

“The Reformation of America, by Karla Perry, is both insightful and inspiring, and I highly recommend it. Karla demonstrates a strong grasp of history, the Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution, Christianity, and current affairs. She weaves these together in a provocative and powerful way to create a literary tapestry that is majestic and memorable.” Dr. Bruce Cook, Chairman, KCIA

“It takes an accomplished thinker and writer to capture these milestone leaders’ lives and accomplishments in such a highly readable book. I do not know where you can find such an inspirational read every time you crack it open. I highly recommend the scholarship invested into it and the disciplined focus in its organization—it needs to be in every leader’s library!” Dr. Joseph Umidi, EVP Regent University, Founder, Lifeforming

Karla Perry

About Karla Perry (Virginia Beach, Virginia Author)

Karla Perry

Karla Perry, author of Back to the Future: Rebuilding America’s Stability, is a worldview revitalizer. She writes for The MorningStar Journal, and The Oak Initiative. Karla helps people develop healthy worldviews through Kingdom-based thinking with her thought provoking and penetrating style. She earned a bachelors of arts in English with an emphasis in Journalism from Old Dominion University.

Karla lives with her husband, Joseph, in Virginia Beach, VA, where they lead Remnant Ministries, a member of the MorningStar Fellowship of Churches.

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