The Pursuit – Citizens of Logan Pond Book 3

The Pursuit
450 Pages
ISBN 978-0692764237

Six years ago, with the financial collapse of her country and the death of her parents, Carrie Ashworth swore to protect her siblings. She has fought to build a life for them in her illegal clan. Now home and recovering from a government-spread virus, she’s ready to pursue a little happiness of her own. With Greg.

Greg Pierce has no plan to join the growing rebellion or their “Live free or die” mentality. Even after compulsory military service deepened his hatred of President Rigsby’s regime, he wants nothing more than to leave it all behind and start a quiet life with Carrie in Logan Pond. But when word reaches them that Oliver, their patrolman friend and protector, is missing, Carrie and Greg are thrown into a race for survival. Chief Jamansky has discovered Oliver’s little secret and now he wants revenge, forcing their clan to consider abandoning Logan Pond forever. In this battle for siblings and friends, for homes lost and freedoms stolen, the citizens must ask how far they would go to pursue happiness?

The stakes are pushed to their boundaries in this highly anticipated final book in Rebecca Belliston’s Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy, bringing her epic love story to an unforgettable end.

Rebecca Belliston

About Rebecca Belliston (Brighton, Michigan Author)

Rebecca Belliston

Rebecca Belliston is the author of five novels, clean romances with heart-pounding suspense. In D’tale Magazine called her Citizens of Logan Pond trilogy “a piece that should be required reading for young and old alike.” In addition, Rebecca has written and arranged over thirty religious and classical-style pieces, including the bestselling Christmas choral, "For There's a Savior Born." ​

When she’s not writing books or music, she loves to make sarcastic comments, play tennis, or curl up with a good book—usually not at the same time. She and her husband have five kids and live in the gorgeous state of Michigan.

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