The Paralogs of Phileas Fogg – Columbiad, the Gem of the Ocean!

The Paralogs of Phileas Fogg
456 Pages
ISBN 978-1533544506

Mystery meets science fiction in 1872 with a wry steampunk twist, as Phileas Fogg must go around the world in 80 days on a wager while accomplishing a secret mission set by his mysterious new valet Passepartout. Despite the ironclads, submarines & airships cast in their way, they must stop the American genius Barbicane from flying to the Moon!

Before they are done, Phileas Fogg will find his match & mate in Aouda, a strong-willed inventor surpassing even her infamous brother Captain Nemo. They will find the most adroit of allies in the elderly detective Auguste Dupin, the extraordinary machinery of the ex-slave Thomasina Maker, and the special wit of French newspaper correspondent Michel Ardan--or is he something more?

Fortunately, Aouda has her Electric Guns. But then, Mr. Fogg is never without his Watch, nor Passepartout his Comb.

James Downard

About James Downard (Spokane, Washington Author)

James Downard

Armed with that universe tool, a BA in History, Mr. Downard has pressed on to retirement, but not inactivity. Besides working on the #TIP "Troubles in Paradise: The Methodology of Creationism" evolution evidence websites at &, the nocturnal imagination of the author has revealed the truer events of a certain 1872 global traveler. Follow the Fogg!