The Heart Changer – Only He Could Set a Captive Free

The Heart Changer
112 Pages
ISBN 978-1-62020-868-7

Can an Israelite captive, wrenched from all she loves, serve the very man who destroyed her village?

Miriam is asked to do the impossible: serve the wife of Naaman, commander of the Syrian army. Clinging to treasured memories of home and faith, Miriam faces captivity with worry and bitterness. Little does she know the Heart Changer is wooing and preparing her for a greater mission—far beyond what she could imagine.

This middle-grade historical novel reflects the heartache and angst of a young refugee in a foreign land where all hope seems lost.

Jarm Del Boccio

About Jarm Del Boccio (Adirondacks/North Country, New York Author)

Jarm Del Boccio

Jarm (‘J’ pronounced as a 'Y') Del Boccio finds her inspiration in everyday life, but in particular, when she travels the globe, observing the quirky things that happen along the way. Focusing on lives of characters from the past, Jarm's passion is to make Scripture and history come alive for her readers. Jarm has a background in education, and served as a school librarian.

“The Heart Changer,” her debut MG historical/biblical fiction, releases with Ambassador International April 26th. Jarm is content with the journey God has placed her on, and lives with her husband and son and daughter (when they are not at college) in a tree-lined suburb of Chicago. You can connect on her author’s website/blog at:

"My Passion is to Make Scripture and History Come Alive for my Readers: Illuminating the Past. Making Sense of the Present. Offering Hope for the Future.”