The Hangin' Oak – A Ghost Story

The Hangin' Oak
372 Pages
Palm Pen Press
ISBN 978-1933678191

Imagine being skeptical of the existence of ghosts, only to find they are real and that by accident you’ve carried two unwanted spirits home. In The Hangin’ Oak, a happy prosperous couple finds their lives and futures upended under the influence of two apparitions thrust forward in time 145 years. Forced to cope with the reality posed by each other; the fortunes of humans and specters lead them to forge a relationship to help solve both their problems. In this character driven novel, set in the modern South, moments of humor and heart mixed with drama and suspense will urge the reader to re-examine the question, “Are there such things as ghosts?” WINNER! The Hangin’ Oak Won the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Award For Best Literary Fiction Manuscript, 2004 What people say about The Hangin’ Oak: Linda Solinger Matlacha Menagerie The Hangin’ Oak is a book that will fill you with every emotion one can have, and leave you with a smile and thoughts about life. Great way to escape! Robert W. Fulton, PhD, Author of “But…You Know What I Mean” says: “Havlin takes his reader to a place he knows well, the swamp and scrub of Florida. Too narrowly defined as a “ghost story”, The Hangin’ Oak combines early Florida history with the natural mystery that is still the “old Florida” many of us remember and still visit. Elizabeth Spann Craig, author of “A Dyeing Shame: Death at the Beauty Bar” says: “The Hangin’ Oak is a gritty, modern day ghost story that will make you believe. Havlin’s suspenseful plot, insightful heart felt observations on relationships, and infectious sense of humor combine for a compelling read that will keep you turning the pages.”

DL Havlin

About DL Havlin (Ft. Myers, Florida Author)

DL Havlin

DL Havlin is an eclectic author whose varied experiences and background provide him with a memory chest full of material for writing his novels. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati and attended pre-law at Rollins.

His life has been as varied as his novels. Havlin’s occupations have included tasks from systems analyst to world-wide customer service director and from licensed boat captain to football coach. He’s in demand as a speaker and seminar presenter for relationship and writing skills.

During his business career, one of his special skills was teaching and implementing programs regarding human relations. He uses this knowledge to create characters that drastically enhance plots by increasing natural tensions between individuals while keeping them extremely believable people. His course is “one-of-a-kind.”