The Gnomes of Nome – The Dwarf Wars

The Gnomes of Nome
264 Pages
ISBN 9781984185082

The golden age of Camelot had ended. King Arthur lay dying, surrounded by the bodies of his knights, on a field of strife. His bastard son, Mordred, lay dead beside him in the blood and the gore. Each had delivered mortal wounds to the other, but the king yet clung to life, fearing what might happen to his people should Excalibur fall into the wrong hands. The buzzards began drawing nearer in their circular spiral overhead. He thirst as the blood on his armor began to dry.

Not only the fate of the fabled sword weighed on his mind as he stared up at the blue sky, speckled by wispy, white, clouds, but his thoughts were also burdened over who would protect the Holy Grail now that The Knights of the Round Table were dead or lost. And then there was the sacred ruby that sat atop the temple which housed the Grail. What of that? It was only known as the Heart. The angel Safriel had never explained the origins of the sacred stone all those years ago. Its light radiated outward both day and night, a beacon of hope and a compass for those who were lost during the dark ages.

He gripped Excalibur tightly, summoning its power one last time. Its runes glowed golden as it responded to his will. His ice-blue eyes flashed amber as its power strengthened his body again. Though it might prolong his life a little longer, his wound was beyond its power to heal. The king’s vision began to blur, the darkness began to close in. That is when he heard a familiar voice...Lancelot.

Now, hundreds of years later, Armageddon draws near. The Archangel Gabriel descends to earth to find the Nephilim, or part angels, who yet walk among humans. Gabriel seeks the last mortal children of his brother, Azazyel to aid him in the coming war.

Angelica and Jonah are sent on a quest to find the Gnomes of Nome. These small, legendary, creatures possess the mythical gem of King Arthur and the fabled staff of Moses. Angelica and her brother must overcome their fears and doubts so that they may tap into their angelic powers if they are to succeed. The forces of darkness are aware of them and seek to destroy them or turn them to their cause. They must acquire allies amongst creatures of myth and legend as they journey within the earth to the Nine Realms.

Robert Wheeler

About Robert Wheeler (Pensacola, Florida Author)

Robert Wheeler

I am a Florida native who loves the Gulf Coast beaches. My favorite spot to read is on the deck of a cruise ship. I started my first book, Scions of Azazyel: War in Heaven 10 years ago which took me 8 years to complete. However, I have four books currently (As of July 2018). My second book, The Witch of Endor: Vampires just went live on audible.

I became a beekeeper three years ago. I love the little girls except when they sting me. The joy of the lava lamp of amber honey is at times disrupted by moments of sheer terror when one of the black and yellow bees gets inside my suit. I recently upgraded to a new dragon armor suit that they have yet to pierce with their poisoned blades.

I have been a practicing chiropractor for over twenty years in Alaska and now in Florida. I love family time and I have given some of my characters names that belong to my nieces and nephews or children. One of my main characters, Angelica, is described as how my wife appeared when we started dating. Even her personality is like the woman that I fell in love with.

I love to write fantasy and poetry full of action, romance, which is intermingled with some scares and plot twists. My signature writing style is that I write a poem for each chapter that gives clues or backstory about the chapter. I mix Biblical names and stories with Greek, Norse and Hebrew mythology.