The Founding and Survey of Perrysburg, Ohio – 1787 - 1816

The Founding and Survey of Perrysburg, Ohio
124 Pages
ISBN 978-1-5323-7627-6

The Founding & Survey of Perrysburg, Ohio is a detailed, fully-researched, fully-documented story of the founding and survey of this historic town and the busting of several myths about the survey.

Content includes Map of Ohio and Indian Lands 1794; Acts of US Congress authorizing surveys; Location of the center of the Twelve Mile Square Reserve; Identity of government officials involved in the survey; Surveying of land adjacent to a river; Letter from Josiah Meigs to Amos Spafford authorizing him to name the town; Probable sequence of steps in performing the survey; Map of the 1816 Survey; Many 19th-century area maps; The "actual knowledge" regarding several Perrysburg myths and legends.

This book is fully-indexed and contains many full-color maps, illustrations, and pictures.

Gary L. Franks

About Gary L. Franks (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Gary L. Franks

Gary grew up in South Toledo, attending Harvard Elementary and Libbey High Schools, graduating in 1962. He earned a bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Toledo University in 1968 while working as a lab technician and engineer-in-training at Surface Combustion Corporation. In 1972 he joined SSOE, Inc. Engineers - Architects and was elected a partner in the firm in 1981. As a registered professional engineer (now retired) in 14 states, Gary worked as Industrial Division Manager and Director of Computer and Information Systems and managed business accounts for major customers such as Owens-Illinois, Union Carbide, Boeing, and General Mills. Historic Perrysburg, Inc. honored Gary in 2016 by naming him the recipient of the Bentley Award in recognition of his contributions to the history of Perrysburg and surrounding area. He is a member of the Ohio Historical Society, Historic Perrysburg, Inc., Museum of the Great lakes, Wood County (OH) Genealogical Society, and is a founding member of the Perrysburg Area Historic Museum.