The Dawn Cluster III – Destiny

The Dawn Cluster III
462 Pages
Neo Apsis Publishing

They escaped planetary annihilation, helped end a centuries old civil war, and joined a defeated militia to their cause. Terik Donato and Melina Beetary’s chances of bringing down the oppressive Fokot army were prospering until a cunning betrayal and a lone shot ripped apart their coalition.

But as relics of the past begin to appear, transforming despair into determination, Terik and Melina now have a plan to engage the Fokot in all-out war. To stand a fighting chance they will need to rely on the only thing they have left: their resolve. The hardest task Terik and Melina must face is letting go – of each other, of their past, and any chance of saving Garett Soness.

Because all fates lead to the planet Opus, and its caretakers, the last Azonka Mah, who may be the key to the Sacramento crew getting home. It may also be the key to many of Terik’s questions, as well as the key to Warlord Favan’s endgame, ultimately positioning Opus to be either the crux of their triumph or the catalyst of their defeat.

Mark J Schultis

About Mark J Schultis (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Author)

Mark J Schultis

Mark J. Schultis wrote his first story in elementary school and has spent a lifetime keeping that childhood passion of storytelling alive, studying theatre and filmmaking before eventually earning his writing degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

A perpetual night owl and pizza connoisseur, Mark was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he lives with his wife and two children.