The Dawn Cluster II – Duplicity

The Dawn Cluster II
394 Pages
Neo Apsis Publishing

Finding their footing has been no easy task for the few remaining survivors of the Sacramento. Melina Beetary’s brother Ethan has been missing for months, and Terik Donato, still haunted by sins of the past, is reluctant to lead the men and women he helped save.

Both Melina and Terik find themselves surrounded by conflicting loyalties, including a man who has been both a friend and an enemy, and a mysterious warrior who is more than meets the eye. To survive, they must brave enemy lines in a gamble to procure powerful allies - a reconnaissance mission that could change everything. But Garett Soness seeks revenge. Warlord Favan of the Fokot has given him resource and opportunity to hunt down his former crew and bring them to justice. If he is not quick, an alien blood feud and a power hungry face from the past may just do the job for him.

Mark J Schultis

About Mark J Schultis (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Author)

Mark J Schultis

Mark J. Schultis wrote his first story in elementary school and has spent a lifetime keeping that childhood passion of storytelling alive, studying theatre and filmmaking before eventually earning his writing degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

A perpetual night owl and pizza connoisseur, Mark was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he lives with his wife and two children.