The Curse of Viola

The Curse of Viola
364 Pages
ISBN 978-0996867351

Hardy is beginning to expect the unexpected. He can see dead people, after all. But when the spinning wall of light opens up on the whiteboard on his first day of class at Ellery University, his worst nightmare becomes a reality—someone in his class is dying, and he’s the only one who can do something about it.

Then there's the girl with the red hair and striking green eyes. Emma. She's way out of Hardy's league, yet she's planted herself next to him in class. Was it just him, or did she feel the same strange connection between them?

When students at EU start getting sick, fate quickly throws Hardy and Emma together, and they embark on a journey into Greene Island’s past. Has Viola returned, bringing her curse with her, or are there other dark forces at work?

When long buried secrets are resurrected, Hardy and Emma will find themselves face-to-face with The Curse of Viola, and the consequences are more serious than either of them ever expected.

Book 2 of the Greene Island Mystery Series - A supernatural thriller

Sherry Torgent

About Sherry Torgent (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

Sherry Torgent

Sherry Torgent studied Information Technology at UNC-G. She combines her technology mind with her love of reading and writing to create fast-paced, young adult novels with sci-fi and supernatural elements that keep her readers turning the pages late into the night. She lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband and mini schnauzer, Opal.

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