The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List – 100 Space Things to Do before You Die

The Complete Space Buff's Bucket List
128 Pages
ISBN 978-1-943681-01-3

Of course, this book includes the usual things like great museums, planetariums, astronauts, space suits, rockets, planets, and movies. But it also has duct tape, space burial, aliens, and preparing space food in your own kitchen. Some items on the list may not appeal to you, so feel free to modify the list using the blank list in the back of the book. Just keep it spacey!

Loretta Hall

About Loretta Hall (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Loretta Hall

Loretta Hall remembers being enthralled with NASA’s manned space program from Mercury’s first suborbital flight through Apollo’s moon missions. Those pioneering days were filled with widespread excitement as man ventured away from Mother Earth. Loretta sees a similar wave of fascination and awe now as private enterprise develops a fantastic array of new vehicles for space tourism as well as scientific research. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a three hour drive north of Spaceport America. Loretta is a Certified Space Ambassador for the National Space Society and an active member of the National Federation of Press Women.