The Cage

The Cage
198 Pages
ISBN 0984915419

Ugh, summer school! No one wants to spend the summer in school. Sam would rather be sketching. Instead, she's stuck in a group with three other students in high school English.

She instantly butts heads with Tyrell, but Tiffany and Javier are friendly and hard to ignore. Then Tyrell reveals a recurring nightmare and strange things start to happen.

Sam soon discovers a world of supernatural giftings she never knew existed. Are her sketches a supernatural gift as well? With these gifts, can she and her new friends work together to save the mysterious girl who is caught in THE CAGE?

Jacci Turner

About Jacci Turner (Reno, Nevada Author)

Jacci Turner

Jacci lives with her husband in Nevada’s high desert. They spend their mornings hiking through the sagebrush with their big yellow dog, Rocky.

Jacci loves chocolate, babies, and coffee with friends. She’s worn many hats in her lifetime: therapist, school counselor, campus minister, and mom. Her favorite hats are her writer and grandmother hats, which come in wild colors and don’t fit too tightly.

Jacci's first book geared towards adults, The Retreat: A tale of spiritual awakening, will came out in March with Harper Legend. It is available now on pre-order in paper back.

Jacci's middle grade fiction, Bending Willow, is about Riley and Mia searching for a father who doesn't know they exist. It is the first book in The Finding Home Series. Bending Willow represented Nevada at the National Book Festival in Washington D.C and was a finalist for the Wishing Shelf Contest. In addition, Jacci is the author of the Amazon best-selling young adult novel, The Cage, the first book in The Birthright series, and many other other Middle Grade and YA books.