The Caribbean Endeavor

CIA agents Marcus Peterson and Jenna Adams, posing as newlyweds, embark on the Golden Duchess for a Caribbean cruise. They are assigned to shadow Franco Gambioni, notorious New York mafia Don suspected of partnering with a Colombian drug cartel.

To Jenna’s dismay, his beautiful and cunning daughter entices both Marcus and Franco’s bodyguard, who turns out to be a childhood friend of Marcus. An attractive Interpol agent, masquerading as a tour guide, arrives on the ship to further complicate the romantic entanglements.

Discovery of more than one cartel interested in utilizing Franco’s family for drug distribution and their heinous antics brings murder and deception to the drama that unfolds throughout the cruise. The read provides twists and turns right to the end.

Larry Andrews

About Larry Andrews (North Jersey Author)

Larry Andrews

Larry Andrews is referred to by his friends as a true renaissance man. Of Danish/Swedish ancestry, he developed a mastery of skills in multiple fields and disciplines over the years. Following military service, a career in aerospace would be shaped from the early days of rocketry through the launching of communication satellites and the moon landing.

After a career as a rocket scientist and aerospace program manager, he taught graduate courses at the University of Southern California. He assisted in the establishment of an ISO committee for Space Operations and became the Chair of the U.S. delegation, traveling to many of the space-faring nations. His aerospace background is reflected in his early Romantic/SciFi novel A Space Oddity.

He has become an avid worldwide traveler and his novels reflect heavily on the locations, people and cultures he is exposed to. Larry hopes you will enjoy reading his works which capture and apply his story-telling and vivid conversational skills that make his books come alive. Building on romance and intrigue, he combines tension, suspense, and surprise within a vivid travelogue adventure. This is certainly vivid in his latest romantic/crime/adventure novel The Caribbean Endeavor. Visit his website http;//

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