The Bug Came Back

The Bug Came Back
36 Pages
ISBN 1499127618

Ever Have a Persistant Problem? Some Things Just Can't Be Ignored Ever had one of those days? We all have. A pestering problem. A trying trouble. A bothersome bother. Some things just can't be ignored.

Sometimes it's a bug. Sometimes it's bigger. How do you deal with issues and troubles? It's usually best just to deal with it.

A reader had this to say:

What a cute little book! While it is written for little ones; it also has a lesson for the rest of us too. When little things bother us and keep distracting us, we have to keep on going.

From my little one.. Read it again!

From my teen: Cute mom, Can I just squash the little bugs that bother me?

From the mom: No, you can’t always squash the little distractions but you can learn how to work around them or in spite of them.

This book has bright illustrated pages and really cute graphics. It’s short, only 36 pages with less than a half a dozen words on each page but it is super cute.

Stacie Morrell

About Stacie Morrell (Portland, Oregon Author)

Stacie Morrell

Stacie Morrell is a fifth generation Oreg onian and daughter of English professors, so really none of this is her fault. Reading and word games were part of every evening growing up, and Scrabble was played with vicious intention to win (and use as many obscure words as possible.) In an effort to work through and live with increasing depression and anxiety, Stacie began writing again in her late 30's. She predominately writes children's and poetry books, with three picture books, a middle reader and a poetry collection currently published, with more on the way. Stacie also works in the non-profit sector as a thrift store and online sales professional assisting organizations in maximizing the value of their in-kind donations to benefit their missions. As a non-profit professional she has worked with at-risk youth and families, homeless, employment, emergency services, libraries and animal rescue.