The Beach Pool – Life comes full circle

The Beach Pool
344 Pages
ISBN 97810737112489

A feel-good story about life, love, and family.

When Zach and Desi lose their mother to a tragic illness, it’s left up to their father, Josh to finish molding their children into the kind, caring, and loving adults he and Christine would be proud to send out into the world.

Each of them would forever remember their mother’s last words and wish: “Zach, you’re the ribbon that surrounds our family with love and Desi, you’re the bow on top that rains love over us. You’re a wonderful package and promise me you’ll always protect, guide, and watch over each other.”

Five years later, out on the beach, Josh handed fifteen-year-old Zach a ten-dollar bill as he started toward the beach pool. “Go make someone’s day by buying them an ice cream cone,” he told him.

At the same time, fifteen-year-old Zoey headed for the beach pool, looking forward to a few quiet hours of reading.

Minutes later, Zach and Zoey’s worlds would collide and the simple gesture of him buying her an ice cream cone would change both of their lives - forever.

Over the next ten years, Zach, Zoey, and Desi would find their worlds tangled, untangled, and then tangled yet again, as they meet the challenges of growing up, protecting each other, falling in love and facing everything else that life would throw at them.

Comments from readers of advanced copies. Oh my God, I was so sorry when this story ended. I feel like I’m part of the family and want to know what wonderful things the future holds for them. Please please write a sequel!

Bob Boze

About Bob Boze (San Diego, California Author)

Bob Boze

Bob is a diverse author and editor with five published books: his autobiography - Love is a Pretty Girl with a Cape to Share Your Dreams With, his romance trilogy - Horses of Tir Na Nog, and a fourth romance novel - The Beach Pool. His writing partner, Robyn Bennett (pen name Casey Fae Hewson), another romance writer, editor and administration trainer, lives in New Zealand. Robyn has two published romance novels, Haven River and Aqua Bay, and a business book, Minute Taking Madness. Together, Bob and Robyn have co-authored and published Light My Way, a romance novel and a business book - How Not to Fail in Business Without Really Trying, dealing with how to successfully open and operate a small business. In addition, each has several published short stories in the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild Anthologies.
Originally from New York, Bob is an avid reader, reviewer, beta reader and guest speaker and blogger on several web sites. His travels have covered most of the world and he has lived in London, England, Istanbul, Turkey, Houston and San Antonio, Texas, Los Angeles and Paso Robles, California; before finally calling San Diego, home.
Bob’s education includes: Studies in Creative Writing, Literature, English Literature and English at NYU, William and Mary, University of Maryland and the University of Delaware. He holds a dual BS degree in Electronic Engineering in Systems Design and Development and Project Management from Northrop University. Bob has been an Information Volunteer, Interpretative Volunteer (Docent) and Volunteer Mentor at the San Diego Zoo for over 25 years. He is also an active member of the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild (SDWEG), San Diego Professional Editors Network (SDPEN) and Romance Writers of America - San Diego (RWASD). He and Robyn also participate in local and international writer’s events and signings such as: The San Diego Festival of Books fair, San Diego Library Book Festival and Local Authors Award Program, the La Jolla Writers Conference, the New Zealand Romance Writers Conference and the upcoming Dublin Ireland Writers Conference.