TEXAS WEPT – A Tale of Love, Hate, and Courage

363 Pages
ISBN 97817721937929

The revolution ended with a shudder and a gasp, and the antebellum South was dispensed to the dustbins of history. An upended social system intensified this violent, lawless time. Texas government was supervised by the Union Army and its economy shaped by carpetbaggers. Outlaw gangs, freed slaves, Klansmen, and impoverished farmers and planters were all stirred into a volatile stew.

TEXAS WEPT is a tale of love, hate, and human courage. It is the story of Ben Loch, a Confederate veteran and the son of a redneck farmer, and Annie Kingsley, the daughter of an upstairs maid and the plantation owner. She was the personal slave of her half-sister until June 19, 1865, when Texas slaves learned of their freedom.

This is the story of their lives during the chaotic period that continues to affect Texas thought and attitudes.

William E Maxwell

About William E Maxwell (San Antonio, Texas Author)

William E Maxwell

William E Maxwell was born in east Texas in a farming and ranching family. He has ranched, served as an army officer, taught history and politics and written textbooks on Texas politics.