Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets

Tanks Do Not Make Good Pets
36 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9985788-4-2

An excited young boy's wildest dreams come true when he discovers a stray tank at the park and takes it home as a pet.

Over the course of the next week and through a series of adventures and mishaps, he starts to realize that tanks may not make good pets after all.

A creative, educational book for children with vivid and humorous illustrations.

Tony Hunter

About Tony Hunter (Denver, Colorado Author)

Tony Hunter

Tony Hunter lives with his wife and son in Denver, Colorado.

Tony is originally from New Zealand and traveled the world for eight years in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. During deployment to Antarctica he met his American wife Amanda and they moved to the U.S. where Tony earned his citizenship.

They continued to live and work in Antarctica for the next several years working alongside the U.S. Air Force and New York Air National Guard to supply the continent’s bases and camps by air.

Returning to Colorado, they had a baby boy. Coming from a military background and with a keen interest in military history and art, Tony wanted to share those interests with his son but found a lack of quality military themed children’s books, wall art and clothing.

Tony has just published his third book and has written several others which he is currently illustrating.