Sunburned – The Solar Flare that Silenced the Internet

300 Pages
ISBN 9780985808129

Earth has just fourteen hours warning before a solar superstorm disables all technology worldwide and forces highly connected people to adapt to a new world without electricity. This stylish, modern adventure by Jake Blake will have you wondering if technology is a blessing or a curse as we follow characters in New York City, London, Mecca, Afghanistan, China, the International Space Station and small-town life in Washington. Sunburned: The Solar Flare that Silenced the Internet is available in paperback and e-book from Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Google Play and iTunes Books. Visit for more information.

Jake Blake

About Jake Blake (Lewis County, Washington Author)

Jake Blake

Jake Blake is a novelist from Toledo, Washington. He holds a Master of Arts degree from Washington State University. "Shakespeare On Ice" is Mr. Blake's third published novel and his first attempt at historical fiction. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter @AuthorJakeBlake or visit for more information.