Summer of '78 – A Road Trip

Summer of '78
114 Pages
Self published
ISBN 978-1-0987-4376-5

You've got a Volkswagen Beetle, a two-man tent, a couple of rifles, and the world ahead of you. What do you do? Come hell or high water, you hit the road with your best friend and don't look back. It's 1978, and Greg Harris and David Fralia have just graduated high school. For a few months at least, they are the architects of their lives. So they set off on a five-week road trip across the American West to experience the first flush of life as men.

The boys innocently, joyfully hurtle down the open road toward a future uncertain and unforgiving, leaving behind the sanctuary of youth. Relive the music, the culture, and the zeitgeist of the seventies in Greg and David's adventure and their tragedy years later. Based on an unforgettable true story, Summer of '78 serves as a poignant reminder that sometimes you don't know what you have until it's gone.

Greg Harris

About Greg Harris (San Diego, California Author)

Greg Harris

Greg Harris is a fifth-generation Californian who's lived in San Diego since 1974. A former restaurateur and currently a semi-retired consultant, Greg loves nothing more than to ride his single speed mountain bike and travel in his twenty-five-foot Airstream with his wife, Amy, a kindergarten teacher. You can read about their adventures on