Story #7 – Stuffed Animals (A Novella)

Story #7
110 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7321793-1-8

Nestled among Central New York’s tranquil, rolling hills, Wilson Lake is the perfect setting in which to grow a family – and keep secrets.

Bishop and Nigel MacArthur, both descendants of ancient, powerful bloodlines, have each inherited unusual talents. Paired since childhood, the couple uses their gifts discreetly in order to preserve their families’ legacies and to protect themselves against power hunters. Bishop spends much of her time in solitude in her taxidermy shop, and Nigel is an unassuming third grade teacher.

But when a powerful interloper suddenly appears, claiming to be Nigel’s older brother and the first-born son of the MacArthur family, their love and loyalty are challenged as supernatural attacks and betrayal shatter their idyllic existence.

The stakes rise and the situation worsens as the secrets unravel, entangling Bishop and her family in mortal jeopardy. Bishop is forced to make a choice, the consequences of which will irrevocably alter her life and echo forward throughout the lives of all of their descendants to come.

From author of The Uneasy Series comes this moody tale of mystery, magic, and suspense, which illustrates the lengths to which love will go in order to prevail – regardless of what is right or wrong.

Shannon Rae Noble

About Shannon Rae Noble (Syracuse, New York Author)

Shannon Rae Noble

Shannon Rae Noble, a Central New York native, became interested in writing after reading Joan Aiken and Susan Cooper books when she was in the middle grades. She started writing stories and poetry when she was in the fifth grade.

Noble started writing seriously in 1996, both poetry and fiction. In 2000, she began writing web content, which included opinion pieces, poetry, how-to, and informative articles. In 2003, she began freelancing for local print publications.

Noble released her debut collection of horror short stories, Blood and Bone: A Smattering of Unease, in 2015, as both e-book and paperback editions. She re-released the book as Volume I of The Uneasy Series, and thereafter, released Volume II of The Uneasy Series, The Shady Side: Shortcut to Uneasy Street, as an e-book edition in April, 2018, following with the release of the paperback edition in May. She released her third title, Story #7: Stuffed Animals, a Novella, in December, 2018. Her 2019 schedule includes the release of two to three additional titles.

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