Storm of Arranon Allies and Enemies

Storm of Arranon Allies and Enemies
300 Pages
ISBN 1500200085

A vicious attack on life and love. A race to deny death. A line of trust blurs. The chase begins.

A powerful evil threatens the natural balance of Arranon, endangering all that lives. No less important to Captain Erynn Yager, a life treasured above her own hovers in a coma, close to death.

In a race to uncover a cure and stop the mounting peril, Erynn risks everything, becoming the hunted. She attempts the unthinkable, allying with a being others believe a mortal enemy. In pursuit of the true evil, they find the line blurred between whom they trust, and those set against them.

Answers remain beyond reach. Erynn embraces her abilities, joining her will with the living consciousness of Arranon. Her authority and confidence rises, and she strikes out against a murderous cruelty, becoming the hunter.

R E Sheahan

About R E Sheahan (Grants Pass, Oregon Author)

R E Sheahan

Award-winning author R E Sheahan writes action-packed stories of adventure, magic, and friendships in intriguing new worlds with fantastic creatures. Her main protagonist, Erynn, is a fresh, sassy, and welcome change to a genre filled with male perspectives. Robynn's been a Paramedic/Firefighter, an EMT 1 instructor, and owner of a cattle and sheep ranch in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where she also rescued Border Collies. Living and writing from the Oregon Coast, she enjoys both the beach and the redwood forests with a rescued terrier mix named Annie.

First, I am a reader. I love books, all the characters you meet, grow to love or hate, and the exciting places stories take you. When unable to read, I listen to audio books on tape or CD. At any given time, I probably have an audio book, an e-book, and a paperback going.

Ideas from dreams follow me into warm sunny days or the quiet of falling snow. “What ifs” feed a vivid imagination. Even mistyped phrases may lead to an "aha" moment. Brain storming sessions standing in windy, dark parking lots with fellow writers release thoughts that pry at the corners of my mind, grasping for purchase. Sometimes the ideas pursue me, with persistence.