South Carolina Blues – History of Roots and Blues music in South Carolina

South Carolina Blues
128 Pages
ISBN 9781467114721

In this book, music history professor and blues radio host Clair DeLune dusts off neglected nuggets of history, drawing on archival photographs and rarely seen memorabilia from a generation of musicians’ personal collections. Readers will learn not only new information about some famous players who left their musical mark on history, but even more about the not-so-famous ones, as well as modern masters who carry on the rhythms of their predecessors and are truly keeping South Carolina blues alive.

The history of South Carolina blues is a long, deep—and sometimes painful—story. However, it is a narrative with aspects as compelling as the music itself. Geographical differences in America led to variations in the styles of music that developed from African rhythms. The wet, marshy landscape and hot, muggy weather of the Carolina Lowcountry combined to cultivate not only rice, but a Gullah-based style of South Carolina blues. In drier climates, toward the Midlands and the Upstate, the combination of European influences led to the emergence of Piedmont blues, which in turn spawned country music as well as bluegrass. Those same Gullah roots resulted in four major dance crazes, starting with the Charleston.

Clair DeLune

About Clair DeLune (Columbia, South Carolina Author)

Clair DeLune

Clair DeLune teaches music history courses as well as writing courses at the University of South Carolina and has hosted an educational roots music radio program, Blues Moon Radio, on WUSC-FM each Tuesday evening, since 1990.

Clair DeLune is passionate about many things, but music is at the root of her heart and soul. Throughout her life she has been an animal rescuer and behaviorist, musician and fan, journalist, author, editor, photographer, professor, counselor, radio host, artist, media producer, historian and bartender ... among other pursuits.

She has had the good fortune to write for a number of books and publications, and to have been allowed in to so many lives in order to make her latest book, South Carolina Blues, possible. The book is intended to be a snapshot of Blues history in the Palmetto State and to showcase South Carolina roots music experiences to roots music fans around the world.