Soul Hunters: the Collectors of Fear

Soul Hunters: the Collectors of Fear
236 Pages
Burning Bulb Publishing
ISBN 978-1948278355

For thousands of years, since Egyptian Pharaoh Narmer made a wrongful deal with the Gods, evil has persisted in creating fear within the weak. Conquering the weakened and lost souls, the soul hunters strengthen their own life beyond years. In eighteenth-century Georgia, Reginald, a prominent soul hunter, leads a group of runaway children where his true identity is shared with one person, Ulmer.

Afterward, Ulmer and Reginald are influential to one child who grows into a future soul hunter – Frederick.

As the years go by and as time changes, Frederick, whose life was transformed as a young child, also changes. Working with his mentor, he uses a new way to not only steal souls but also attempt to become the most powerful soul hunter.

In his quest to do so, he faces challenges. These encounters seem too easy until something unexpected occurs. Traveling to Egypt and South America, he confronts an enemy he never knew with an ally he didn’t expect.

Benjamin Mollenhour

About Benjamin Mollenhour (Seattle, Washington Author)

Benjamin Mollenhour

Welcome all and thanks for checking out my Author Page! My name is Ben and I live with my wife, Vy, in Seattle, Washington. During our free time when I'm not writing for fun, we like to take road trips, hike, and enjoy life's little adventures. I love history and visiting old historical sites and areas, main streets, old buildings, ghost towns, and love researching history - especially local history (wherever I am at the time).

In regards to history, I enjoy writing historical articles and have been published in numerous journals and historical publications. I also enjoy poetry and prose and besides my chapbook, my writing has been published in the Tombstone Epitaph, Tucson Weekly, and many more. Check out my website at to see more and thanks for visiting my page!