Six Hours – Willow and Birch

Six Hours
299 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7322763-5-2

A woman has been severely beaten and sliced, is in a coma, and Willow and Birch draw the case. Complicating matters are the initial indication that the woman is an entertainer of men, leaving the two investigators with a wide range of suspects. Neither Willow, nor Travis are buying it, though, both feeling the person they’re looking for was known to the victim. It’s Willow’s lead and she turns up the heat on her suspects. As the investigation intensifies, another problem arises. A group has declared open season on the police, ambushing them in a strip mall and forcing the investigators to multi task, something they are very accustomed to. Birch, the chief investigator, halts all investigations to focus on closing the beating case. They have collared many of a suspect’s gang, but they can’t hold them indefinitely. Now, the entire bureau goes to work on the gang members, trying to get one to break within the time limit they have to hold them. Six hours.

Jon Latham

About Jon Latham (Fresno, California Author)

Jon Latham

Born in Ventura County, California, Jon traveled just about everywhere while his family was in search of employment, giving him a broad, worldly view. Part of Jon’s childhood was spent on his parent’s farm outside of Sanger, California. There he spent a good deal of his time not already taken up with homework and chores, with the assorted animals of the ranch. This is where Jon gained respect for and care for animals.

Income and employment became a challenge for his parents and a move was made to Las Vegas, Nevada, where his parents had been offered employment. Upon graduation, Jon joined the army and became a medic. His tour found him stationed at Fort Ord, California, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and eventually to 97th general hospital, in Frankfurt, Germany.

That is where Jon met a nurse from Minnesota that he felt would be his future wife. However, each attempt to obtain a date was met with “Get lost!”, “Take a hike”, or “Beat it!”. Jon was persistent, however, and the nurse finally relented, allowing Jon to walk her home one day.

A levy came down for Viet Nam and Jon’s name was on it. Jon was assigned to an armored unit and his favorite saying from his tour was, “Everyone else got to ride inside the tank, but I had to ride outside with a big medical target on my helmet”. Halfway through his tour, Jon became eligible for R&R (Rest and recuperation). He was flown to Honolulu, Hawaii. That nurse met him there and they were married. A union that lasted 42 years, until her death from an illness she had carried for thirty-five of those years.

Heartbroken, Jon took to the computer and began to write a short story about a another world. One without so much disease and illness. That short story became a novel. Then that novel became seven. The Lands of Mother novels. It took Jon six years to complete, but it was good therapy.

Jon’s working career consisted of being a salesman, a police officer, marketing and retail management, and now, Author.

Today, Jon lives in California’s central valley and continues to write. He is also an avid reader and writes a review on every book he reads. He posts those reviews on his website and the “Lands of Mother” facebook page.