Singularity – Book Two of StarCruiser Brilliant

386 Pages
ISBN 978-1-946739-05-6

Can an android be your best friend?

Jennifer fights a Senator trying to stop the Singularity. She pits her flying skills against the Navy’s Blue Angels to save a planet from bioterrorism. Her company, JennaTech, must produce the technology necessary to fight the alien terrorist.

Coming to Earth from the Hoclarth Alliance, Jennifer’s half-sister Kalinda, finds her destiny in surfing, martial arts, acting, and love.

The Brilliant takes the Star Squad to new heights in this exciting sequel to the Amazon Bestseller, Brilliant by Rick Lakin.

Rick Lakin

About Rick Lakin (San Diego, California Author)

Rick Lakin

Rick Lakin is the author of the upcoming young adult sci-fi novel Brilliant. Jennifer is searching for her father. With an IQ of 206, she receives an internship at Tovar Studios home of the motion picture franchise StarCruiser Brilliant. Jennifer discovers the secret that the Brilliant actually flies into space.

Rick is the publisher at, Bringing New Authors to a Digital World. iCrew has published 35 books by 11 authors. He is the founder of iCrew Digital Productions, A Community of Young Media Professionals and host of The Rick Lakin Podcast. He is a member of the 1000 Club of the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers. Rick is an Advanced Communicator Silver in Toastmasters International and is a member of American Mensa. Rick works a Sports Statistician for broadcast television and is a retired math teacher.

He lives in Southern California but his roots are in Columbus, Ohio, home of The Ohio State University Buckeyes.

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