Crypt of the Living Dead – Sinful Cinema

Crypt of the Living Dead
112 Pages
Chaotic Words
ISBN 9781542990899

In 1973 the world was introduced to a film that was quite unlike any vampire movie before or since. While it acknowledged the legend of the bloodsucker and teased at the occult, it also wanted very little to do with either, making for a cinematic experience as confusing as it was captivating. Adding to its allure was a star who was the main suspect in a bizarre murder case that had ties to psychics and the JFK assassination, and a co-star who went on to produce some of Hollywood’s most critically acclaimed and beloved films. This is … Crypt of the Living Dead!

Doug Brunell

About Doug Brunell (Ashland, Oregon Author)

Doug Brunell

Writer of depravity. Horror. Thrillers. Fiction that pushes you to the limit and just sightly over.

Also the writer of the film book series Sinful Cinema, which examines little known films and their place in history.