She Blew Up Her Husband

She Blew Up Her Husband
268 Pages
ISBN 978-1543002508

Mom has two teenage twin daughters; all blonde. The girls come home one spring day and see their dad tied up. The timing was perfect for the Mom as since she had done it, and wasn’t expecting the girls there, she told them to quickly leave, acting as if someone was after them, and she would try to untie their father, who couldn’t talk because he was also gagged. They ran out, fearful for their parents. The mother comes running out—without the father—just as an explosion occurs. C-5 or something similar put on a DVD in a player with the timer on. Mother told girls that she had come home just momentarily before they did, and further explained that she couldn’t get the father untied in time. They all sob together.

Truth is, mother got big insurance money, so was able to send the girls to college. She was also able to buy things she wanted, as there were very few bills left to pay from her life with her husband.

As story unfolds, it is found that the mother and father didn’t get along that well, and always fought about money, he not wanting to send the girls to college, as it would cost a huge sum with no promise of return.

After the girls were in college, they got the feeling that someone was following—and watching—them. It was a private investigator hired by the husband’s family, as they suspected foul play, although the police ruled it out. They thought the girls had something to do with it, as they had witnessed on several occasions the girls yelling hate words at their father when they didn’t get their way.

The girls, experienced some frightening times by being followed....

Taylor Storm

About Taylor Storm (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Taylor Storm

Taylor Storm is the author of seven winning novels, including the cliff-hangers in the Who--? Series • Who Are They? The Extreme Limit • Who Loves Them? The Pre-Arranged Wedding • Who Loves Her? The Vanilla Wedding • Who Am I? Shocked to Emotion • Who Chases Them? Running…But From What? • Who Is He? The Black Hoax: An Identity Crises • Who Deceives Whom? The Art of Trickery and Deception

Taylor has also written: She Pours a Great Manhattan and She Blew Up Her Husband

Taylor warns that you should look around you; you may know someone who has a secret life just like the characters.