See His Glory – In the Midst of Your Storm

See His Glory
36 Pages
ISBN 9780578513539

Storms are a force of nature, and when they arise, the world can be a scary place. This book will drastically improve your attitude and how you look at the trials you face from day-to-day by teaching you to see the storms in your life as opportunities vs. oppositions – stepping stones and not stumbling blocks.

"See His Glory" will increase your confidence and give you a renewed will to live! God's Word has proven results, and if you follow His plan, you can experience abundant life. God did not promise you that you would never have problems, but He did assure you that He would deliver you out of them all.

Yvonne James

About Yvonne James (Memphis, Tennessee Author)

Yvonne James

Author Yvonne James is a wife, mother, and grandmother; and her greatest passions are faith and ministry, family, and writing! She is happily married to her husband of forty-one years, Elder Dennis James. Together, they have six children, and they also have thirteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

As an author, Yvonne published her first book (“The Baring My Soul Collection”) in June 2016. In December 2016, she founded The Writers' Block of Tennessee and implemented the Literary Pop-Up Shop concept to promote and sell her literature and other products. As of now, her literary pop-up shops, in the span of two and a half years, have brought together over a hundred authors!

Her newest release, “See His Glory,” was launched in June 2019!