Secrets of Havenridge

Secrets of Havenridge
232 Pages
ISBN 978-0997564525

From an Amazon reviewer:

Anne Childers

5.0 out of 5 stars Secrets Of Havenridge

In Secrets of Havenridge, Chris Coad Taylor takes us on a journey that covers more than geography as roads of the heart and mind are revealed. The secrets are everywhere, many buried in the past, others hidden in plain sight. Travel to Havenridge with Stephanie Oliver as she seeks to heal her past and embrace the future. Will the secrets help or hinder her journey? You decide. I highly recommend this book. Anne Childers, Staff Writer, DunnDeal Gazettes.

Chris Coad Taylor

About Chris Coad Taylor (Tampa Bay, Florida Author)

Chris Coad Taylor

CHRIS COAD TAYLOR writes multiple genres, which include suspense/mystery, psychological thrillers, and romantic/suspense and non-fiction. Her fictional style of writing is character-driven, which makes her books as diverse as the people within them and allows her readers an intensely personal connection to the stories.

She follows the belief of the late film director, Alfred Hitchcock. He believed that “your audience does not need bloody details”—and that—“suspense builds better in the minds of your audience.”

Taylor gives only enough detail to the crimes in her novels while planting clues along the way. Romantic scenes are written with enough spice that will keep you captivated to the very last page.

She has two series: the Amber series (set in Ybor City and Tampa) and The Havenridge Mystery series (set in a small town in Georgia) and her non-fiction WWII book titled: Heroes: Voices of History, which is written in a creative non-fiction style that reads more like a novel than a dry history book.

While not writing, Taylor enjoys traveling, painting, and fine art photography. She lives in Florida not far from the Nature Coast with her husband and their beagle named, Mikey.

Books by Chris Coad Taylor are as follows: The Rainbow Murders, Secrets of Havenridge, Finding Jacob. Non-fiction Books: Heroes: Voices of History, and My Writing Journal. Works in Progress: Saffron’s Place (scheduled for release in 2021,) Evil Returns (release date TBA,) and a travel book with stories from off-the-beaten-path of towns in Florida.