Rudy the Rougarou – An Unknown Intruder

Rudy the Rougarou
34 Pages
ISBN 978-1682739693

Children’s book ‘Rudy the Rougarou’ introduces young readers to Acadian swamp lore and lessons. Author Daniel Reidmiller has released the first book in the ‘Rudy the Rougarou’ series. In book one titled, ‘Rudy the Rougarou – An Unknown Intruder’ readers are introduced to Cajun folklore stories of the Rougarou. Rudy lives in the Manchac swamp in Louisiana and he has lots of friends there, including his best friend, a raccoon named Marshmallow. Rudy is a normal boy in every way except one. Rudy is a rougarou, Cajun for werewolf. Come with Rudy as he and Marshmallow search for the intruder who left deep claw marks on Marshmallow's kitchen cabinets.

Daniel Reidmiller

About Daniel Reidmiller (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Daniel Reidmiller

Daniel Reidmiller was born in 1956 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He resides in Otsego, Michigan with his wife, Marcia and their two rescued Labradors, Grace and Hope. Dan and his wife have six grandchildren and it was while reading books to them that he began to think about writing a children's book of his own. Dan developed the idea for Rudy the Rougarou, while in the French Quarter of New Orleans, discussing a friend's recently published children's book, 'Little Laveau.' Dan’s first book, ‘Rudy the Rougarou – An Unknown Intruder’ is the first book, in what Dan plans as a series of books, centered on Rudy and his friends. Dan has many hobbies: computers (He's a certified DELL and IBM technician), the paranormal and cryptozoology, anthropology enjoys reading (Favorite authors include Agatha Christie, Brad Meltzer and Katherine Ramsland to name a few) and travelling. Over the years Dan has traveled to many different countries. In 1973 Dan participated in two archaeological digs in Israel. Dan and his wife continue to travel to different places but hold New Orleans dear to their hearts, staying so often there over the years that many locals no longer consider them tourists, just locals with a longer commute.