Road Trip Blues

Road Trip Blues
342 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9964861-6-3

August 1926 - September 1927 “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?” Laure and Dan are posilutely sure the good times will roll as they plan and build their future together. Laure receives glowing reviews for her performance in The Great Gatsby movie and the studio offers her roles in two movies with her Hollywood ‘cousin' Louise Brooks. More good news arrives when Famous Players-Lasky Studio green-lights film production of their Road Trip Blues movie.

Instead of good times, storm clouds roll in. Laure is framed for murder and Road Trip Blues movie production is disrupted. The sabotage escalates until a stuntman is killed and the studio halts production. Laure and Dan defend themselves from a series of attacks designed to ruin them personally but that’s just the first stage. The violence intensifies as the unknown villains turn to kidnapping and murder.

Laure and Dan’s friends from The Roaring Road return in Road Trip Blues to use their talents of deception and trickery to identify and defeat the enemy. Giuseppe, a young man with mysterious connections to Capone’s Chicago South Side Outfit offers his help but Laure becomes suspicious when she discovers there is a rat in her crew sending information to their foe. Laure races across the country in their private train to track down the enemy and rescue Dan, who is hunted by a New Jersey mobster and three sadistic railroad cinderdicks. He escapes and learns to ride the rails with Moe and Joe, two fun loving hobos and over-the-hill stage actors who believe vaudeville will make a comeback. If it does, after a stunning and violent fight to the finish will Laure and Dan be there to see it?

Johann Laesecke

About Johann Laesecke (Santa Rosa, California Author)

Johann Laesecke

"Stop talking about writing a book, and write the damn book!" The love of my life evidently became tired of me talking about writing a novel, and she was right. Her exasperated comment was the call to action (aka kick-in-the-pants) for me to put up or shut up. The decision was made not to shut up.

So I began writing. In my business career, I wrote proposals, presentations, process and procedures books, software design requirements, project conclusions and summaries. That was not much help in novel writing. Fortunately, my mother began teaching me how to read when I was four years old, and that led me to become a voracious reader. That, and knowing how to type, I began six different stories, in the process learning that I had no idea how to write a page-turning novel. All six were abandoned but not forgotten.

Then, apropos of nothing, one morning a movie in my mind started playing. It was a novel that my subconscious wrote for me. All my previous efforts to outline a story had taken me nowhere. I found my writer's groove as a seat-of-the-pants writer. My companion had kicked me in the right place. The novel became The Roaring Road, my first historical thriller series. There are more movies playing, so make some popcorn and get a glass of wine (tip: sparkling wine goes very well with popcorn) and hang on for the ride! WooHoo!

Author's photo shows me having a cocktail at The Green Mill in Chicago, a notorious nightclub that is Dan and Laure's favorite place to drink and dance.