Remembering the Wind

Remembering the Wind
312 Pages
ISBN 978-1500219710

Some of these stories are connected and some stand alone. The time spans from the 17th century to the distant future. Locations include England, New Mexico, Texas, and a few other places. The stories include a romance, family relationships, a bit of spirituality, a touch of the paranormal, science fiction, coming of age, history, and some sailor and flyboy stuff. A description of the stories:

Remembering the Wind. Sometimes the wind is as far away as the stars, sometimes the one you love cannot be told.

Her Dragon. On the shore of the Irish Sea, she studies the dragon in the mists.

Tumbleweeds. The roads take him to listen to his grandfather’s memories.

Anson. Whiskey night and day, and the road through the lost years.

Long Summer Day. On the longest day of the summer, something is in the sky.

Tina. Childhood friendship, grown-up love.

Quarai. At a mission in New Spain in the year 1640, a priest cares for an orphan.

Your Sister Called. The past can catch up to you, no matter how far and how long you travel to escape it.

Dreaming. There is a window into that special time and place.

Falling into the Stars. The roads, the stars, the places in the heart that follow him across miles and years.

Seasons. What is a life? It passes so quickly, both the times of joy and the times of sadness.

The Roads. After a lifetime of searching, is the answer in the afternoon sky in a place at the end of the roads?

Saint Mike. Sometimes, on the mission from God, a door is left unlocked, and the open road calls.

Coyotes. Joe and Hermano hear the old songs, see the shadowy riders and the fires across time.

Peter. Being a good-looking Navy pilot may not be the answer to everything.

Linda and Louisa. In this fractured family, the child Louisa has the self-confidence to take life head-on.

Melanie. By the time she was twelve years old, Melanie was in love with the sea. Grown up, Melanie is captain of the Geemaree, and travels an uncertain course.

The Singing. Across time and space, an old man finds a new family and sails a boat named Cantante.

Thomas Turrentine

About Thomas Turrentine (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Thomas Turrentine

Hello everyone. I'm Thomas Turrentine. I've published two books: Remembering the Wind, a collection of short stories of various genres; and a literary novel, Falling into the Stars. They are available both as Kindle eBooks and as paperbacks.

I grew up in New Mexico and you'll read quite a bit about that country in my stories. I've been in the Navy a couple of times (flying around looking at the ocean), worked as a commercial jet flight training instructor in the US and internationally, and worked on various aerospace technical projects.

These days, in addition to my writing, I play a little classical guitar, read a lot, study astronomy and several other subjects, work on restoring an historic steam locomotive, wander around the outback here in the southwestern US, and occasionally do a little work on a remote cattle ranch.

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