Reawakening – Book 3 of The Tin Box Trilogy

276 Pages
ISBN 9781543016710

Reawakening is the final book of The Tin Box Trilogy. While in a coma for three months, Julie Ventura lived through her previous life as Lottie Clark in the second book of the trilogy, The Hope Chest. Now, Julie has reawakened into her current life in 1969.

What she finds is that life has not stood still for her friends and family while she was gone. In Reawakening, she must put the pieces together and understand how these two lives affect each other. Together with her friends, Petra and Heather, and armed with memories from both lives, Julie realizes that everything is connected. Although she hopes not to repeat the mistakes of the past, what she learns is that no one has complete control over their future.

Here is what one reviewer had to say: I just finished… all I can say is ... Amazing… I loved it from start to finish... (and was sorry when it ended)… I loved how she was able to cross over from different lives, and how her friends were able to understand and appreciate that they were part of her past and present. I couldn’t wait for her to look into someone else’s eyes, or touch them to find out who they were in her past!

Theresa Dodaro

About Theresa Dodaro (Long Island, New York Author)

Theresa Dodaro

Writer and mother, Theresa Dodaro, holds a BA in liberal arts from Stony Brook University, where she studied English, history, and secondary education. She worked in publishing and marketing until she put her career on hold to raise her children.

She lives on Long Island, New York, with her husband and enjoys spending time upstate at their vacation home near the Ashokan Reservoir. Her daughter is a Fulbright Scholar who is currently conducting research in the Ecuadorian Amazon for her PhD in Cultural Anthropology and her son is entering his senior year as an Accounting Major at Pace University.

Now that her children are grown, Theresa focuses her creative energy on writing her novels and has self-published her YA historical fiction series, The Tin Box Trilogy. The Tin Box Secret, was published in October 2015, The Hope Chest was published in July 2016, and the final novel, Reawakening, was published in May 2017. Theresa is currently looking for a Literary Agent to represent her fourth novel, The Porcelain Doll.

You can find her websites at and

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