Raised in the Shadow of the Bomb – Children of the Manhattan Project

Raised in the Shadow of the Bomb
296 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9983006-0-3

This story began before I was born, when my father, Ellis P. Steinberg, and uncle Bernard Abraham worked on the secret undertaking that developed the first atomic bombs. These later were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki

It was not only my extended nuclear family that experienced and was affected by growing up at this time in history, but a whole generation of other children raised in the shadow of the bomb who had stories to tell.

The result is this book--part memoir, part discussions with siblings and cousins, and part interviews with a dozen others who had a parent who worked on the Project. Our stories are a microcosm that was closer to the core of the development of nuclear weapons that still shadows our world. With insight, self-reflection, humor, and even poetry we offer the reader our stories.

D. Leah Steinberg

About D. Leah Steinberg (Berkeley, California Author)

D. Leah Steinberg

D. Leah Steinberg is the daughter and niece of scientists who worked at the University of Chicago Metallurgical (Met) Lab a branch of the Manhattan Project during WWII, the secret project that researched and developed the first atomic weapons.

Leah has degrees in Anthropology and Counseling Psychology with a career in research and clinical Sleep Medicine and Counseling. She is a published poet, nature photographer, and is currently studying song writing. This book came about through the difficult path of self examination of her own and others nuclear families in our nuclear world.

The landscape of nuclear disaster goes deeper than the release of radiation. It permeates our consciousness and enters our hearts, becoming part of our way of thinking, speaking, and living.